This is maybe my shortest story yet. It doesn't have a plot. This is because it's just a 'summary' of a dream I had last night. The emotions in that dream were so beautiful I felt happy for hours after I woke up. ^_^.

And NO, my dream was NOT hentai. ^_^;;

The Night
by Leto

She led them down a long corridor. It was a familiar scene, but this time there was no escape.

"This'll be the last time you steal any Pokemon," snapped Officer Jenny, pushing the two into a cell near the end. She slammed the door, and then there was silence, and darkness.

Jessie and James looked at each other, barely making out the others' shape in the dark. James had a black eye and his shoulder looked like it was fractured. Jessie's hair was slightly matted, and her prized face bruised. It'd been a difficult fight.

Both were in bad shape, but they were used to that. What they weren't used to was being trapped.

Neither of them said anything. They knew they would probably be seperated in the morning, seperated forever.


Officer Jenny pushed open the cell door the next morning. The harsh flourescent light had not disturbed the former Team Rocket.

What the policewoman saw moved her deeply for some reason.

Jessie and James, battered though they were, lay holding each other tightly, protecting each other from the world's troubles. Their eyes shut and faint smiles on their faces, they were asleep to the world. Yet, despite everything, they both looked truly peaceful.

It was because they were together.

Jenny couldn't bring herself to wake them up. She silently backed up and shut the door softly.

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